Pathway and Articulation Committee

Northern Kentucky University (NKU) has developed partnerships with many institutions.   Through these partnerships, articulation agreements have been developed to assist students with a more seamless transfer to NKU.

This website is to be used to provide resources to assist in the development of these agreements.

NKU has established the Pathway and Articulation Committee (PAC), which reports to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs to assist in the process of building articulation agreements and pathway programs. The assignments of the committee are as follows:

  • To assist in the creation and development of articulation agreements and pathways;
  • To assist in the collaboration and public relations with community colleges;
  • To ensure consistency in document creation;
  • To ensure appropriate signatures are secured;
  • To ensure that annual or bi-annual reviews occur;
  • To track all formal agreements for the university.

The PAC maintains a list of all known agreements to assist in the review and creation of pathways and articulations. If there are any agreements that are not listed, please contact the PAC to ensure they are included on this list. You can view the list by clicking here (Please note, this is only updated on the website once a semester. For a current list, please contact a member of the PAC).